Weekend in Northern France: an exceptional history tour at La Coupole

If you are planning a weekend break in Northern France, discover what has become a major attraction for visitors to this beautiful and historic region, La Coupole History and Science museum. Situated just 5km fromthe town of St Omer, renowned for its rich marshlands and valleys of the Audomarais, La Coupole is part of the historical legacy of the Second World War.

Originally, La Coupole was a large-scale underground war factory or bunker built by the Nazi army with the intent to launch the new V2 rocket bombs over England, a war plan that was to be abandoned thanks to the efforts of the Allied Forces in 1944. Today, the site with its impressive 5.5m concrete dome and labyrinth of underground tunnels and galleries have been transformed into a place of culture and education.

During your weekend in Northern France, you can take a poignant journey back to the period of World War II, you will find a wealth of  artefacts, including real life replicas of the atomic bomb, V1 and V2 rocket bombs, at the time, the latest weapons developed based on the latest scientific discoveries of Wernher Von Braun... the authentic architecture and themes such as the "Memorial to the deported" add to a unique experience of WWII history.


<i>La Coupole today</i>

Weekend in Northern France: from the V2 rocket to space science

La Coupole accompanies you through this dark period of 20th century Europe but can also take you to a journey through space. From the V2 rocket science was also born space travel, the historical link between these two technologies offers a fascinating moment of discovery, and even more so, thanks to the impressive the 3D Planetarium hosted by the museum.

La Coupole is certainly an unmissable attraction for history lovers, school groups but also visitors taking a cultural weekend away in Northern France. Audioguide headsets are available in four languages, including in English, French, German and Dutch. If you would like any further information about La Coupole, please contact us.

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