La Coupole : a gigantic bunker to store, prepare and launch the V2 rockets.

You want to discover impressive settings that recount all the dark years in which European people have struggled from the violence of World Wars. Come and find out all the weapon systems used during this period, the V1, the V2 rocket and the multiple charge gun V3.

Transformed into a major History and Scientific museum, LA COUPOLE used to be a dome for the storage and launch of A4 V2 rockets after the destruction of the launch bunker at Éperlecques.

Hundred of audiovisual documentaries will enable you to find out major themes that belong to all European people. Do not hesitate to come and relive through the period of 1939 to 1945 and discover the V1, the V2 rocket and V3 as if you were there in that period.

<i>La Coupole today</i>

The V2 rocket launch site that was to destroy England…

Discover the history of the V2 rocket and follow in the footsteps of the man behind the scientific breakthrough which was originally fuelled by dreams of space travel. Here, at La Coupole, let us remember the horrors of World War II, the harsh conditions of the Prisoners of War forced to labour at the bunker, the deported…

The History Centre brings the events of WWII to life in the very bunker, once a site of destruction transformed by future generations into one that pays homage to lives lost, educates and promotes peace.

The scientific innovations that led to the V2 rocket also led humanity to the moon! At La Coupole, you may also wish to take a tour of the 3D planetarium, where you can travel in space and discover the many wonders of the universe… engaging and educational at the same time… certainly not to be missed during a visit of the North of France.

If you would like any further information about individual or group visits to La Coupole, please contact us.

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