With LA COUPOLE enjoy diffrently the nord-Pas-de-Calais tourism

If you are interested to book a cultural trip in Europe, do not hesitate to come and discover the Nord-Pas-de-Calais tourism. LA COUPOLE is giving you a unique chance to relive all events happened in the war word two.

It is not by chance that LA COUPOLE is hosting hundreds of visitors every year giving a special meaning to Nord-Pas-de-Calais tourism. By its exceptional site and architecture, our museum recount all these years in which European people have struggled from the violence of the war.

Discover the different aspects of LA COUPOLE and be present at the demonstration of missiles lunching. Audio-guided headsets are available to help you circulate easily in the museum and discover new facets of Nord-Pas-de-Calais tourism.

<i>La Coupole today</i>

Nord Pas de Calais tourism: a journey back to World War II

La Coupole has become a major tourist and educational attraction in the heart of Nord Pas de Calais tourism. What better place to remember the destruction and terror of the V2 rocket campaign planned for England than the very bunker built for this purpose.

Among the the underground tunnels and galleries, real life replicas of the V1, V2 and atomic bombs, moving displays that recount the lives of locals, prisoners of war and those deported, an enriching experience which helps us better understand this period of 20th century, European history.

The scientific discovery of the period which links the invention of the flying bombs and space travel is also a feature of La Coupole, which has led to the creation of a 3D Planetarium. Come and spend a moment of wonder on a virtual journey into space.

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