What makes a site accessible?

Regarding accessibility, the definition adopted by the W3C is:

« Making the Web and its services available to all individuals, regardless of hardware or software, network infrastructure, native language, culture, geographical location, physical or mental aptitude. »

Accessibility to our website

Our website has been designed in order to respect the active accessibility standards. It may happen that some pages contain a temporary deviation from these rules. If you find that this error persists, please contact us to report it. 

Efforts implemented for the creation of the site:

  • Respect of HTML standards, allowing the simplified use of screen readers such as Jaws.

  • Establishing alternatives for any content that can cause a loss of information: images, scripts, etc.

  • Respect of contrast standards for good readability.

  • Setting up simplified navigation: titles of relevant links, keyboard shortcuts, sitemap, search engine, internal navigation for long pages, etc.
  • Separation of content and presentation, allowing you to import your own styles and to enlarge or reduce font sizes.

Keyboard access keys

These keys are determined by convention for a quick access to the main elements of a website.

  • Accessibility rules: hotkey = « 0 »
  • Home: hotkey = « 1 »
  • Go to navigation : hotkey = « m »
  • Skip navigation: hotkey = « s »
  • Go to content: hotkey = « c »
  • Direct access to the internal search engine : hotkey = « 4 »
  • Sitemap : hotkey = « 3 »
  • Contact page : hotkey = « 7 »

To use the shortcuts from your browser (each browser has its own key combination that we associate with the access keys listed above for direct access)::

  • Internet Explorer : Alt + Shift + [ hotkey ], then Enter
  • Firefox : Alt + Shift + [ hotkey ]
  • Google Chrome : Alt + Shift + [ hotkey ]
  • Opera : Esc + Shift + [ hotkey ] Safari : Alt + Shift+ [ hotkey ] 

You can adjust the font size to suit your reading needs, using a specific function in your browser.

To enlarge / reduce the text size:

  • With various browsers: Ctrl and mouse wheel
  • Internet Explorer: go to View then Text Size and choose.
  • Firefox, Mozilla or Netscape: Ctrl and "+" key on the numeric keypad to increase and Ctrl plus "-" key. 

To decrease:

  • Opera : press "+" or "-" on the keypad, or go to the View menu, then Zoom and choose. 

The framing of a site is not always designed with a view to increasing (or reducing) the font size. Some browsers will disable formatting to only display the text and images: Firefox, Mozilla: in the 'View' menu, select 'page style' then 'no style' Internet Explorer: does not allow disabling.

Useful software

Some media on the site require the installation of software if you do not yet have it. Here is a list of the software and the links to download it:

  • Reading PDF documents. To read these documents, you need Acrobat Download Acrobat Reader (free)
  • Viewing flash animations. To view these, you need the latest version of the Flash player Download the Flash player (free).
  • Operation of Javascript scripts. To make these work, you need the Java Plug-in Download the Java Plug-in (free).
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