LA COUPOLE in Saint Omer : an exceptional historical museum

Exceptional site, our museum La Coupole is 5 km far from Saint-Omer. Gigantic underground bunker designed by the Nazis, in 1943-1944, to launch the V2 rockets, our museum is today rehabilitated to be a History and Remembrance Center.

Unique by its location and its architecture, La Coupole is gathering historical events that took place in Saint-Omer calling to mind all what happened in this “dark years”.

Hundred of audiovisual documentaries will enable you to discover major themes that belong to all European people in La coupole near Saint-Omer. Do not hesitate to come and relive through the period of 1939 to 1945:


<i>La Coupole today</i>

More information about La Coupole in Saint-Omer

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