Rex Circuit

Following the Wernher von Braun route, you will discover that the V2 rocket, a real weapon of destruction, is actually the ancestor of all present-day rockets. La Coupole  will help you understand the links between war, science and Nazism and the way in which the scientific leaders of a war became the pioneers of the space race.

Peenemünde and the A4/V2 rocket

  • Animation, in relief, of the workings of the A4/V2 rocket engine (3 min)
  • V2 rocket
  • V2 engine

The V1/ Peenemünde and Los Alamos

  • V1 rocket
  • Touch Table "Aerial reconnaissance and photo-interpretation"
  • Film: "3D reconstruction of the Mittelwerk underground factory and the Dora concentration camp" (4 min)
  • Actual size replica of the Little Boy atomic bomb

Dora. The V1 and V2 in London and Antwerp

  • Film: "The special constructions" (8 min)
  • Series of four models

The legacy of Peenemünde and the conquest of space (1945-1969)

  • Silent film: "Discovery of Dora-Nordhausen by the Americans" (5 min)
  • Film: "The conquest of space" (22 min)
  • Same-scale series of 7 model rockets (1/20) and scale 1 model of Sputnik
  • Comics on rockets

"Dora" exhibit

  • Colour photographic report by Walter Frentz
  • Drawings by Léon Delarbre

Highlights of the circuit

A genuine V2 missile and a 3D film about its engine ; looking at various themes : a reproduction of "Little Boy", the atomic bomb which was dropped on Hiroshima, mock-ups of rockets on a scale of 1/20e ...

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