Cinéac Circuit

Relive the major periods of the occupation of France by the German Army (1940-1944) through images: the invasion, exodus, the difficulties of everyday life, popular resistance and the Liberation.

On entering the "Cinéac" room, you can watch a projection of the slide show "Nord-Pas-de-Calais in German hands (1940-1945)" (duration: 21 min). After having seen the slide show, you can leave the room on the lower level of the dome to continue following the tour on this theme: 

The invasion

  • Film: "Invasion 1940" (17 min)
  • War crimes
  • Film « Dunkirk 1940 » (11 min)
  • Map table on "The German invasion of 1940"

The Occupation

  • Series of 7 models related to the Atlantic Wall
  • Film « The Todt organisation and the Atlantic Wall » (9 min)
  • Reconstruction of a shop from this era
  • Uniform display
  • Film « Being an occupier in the north of France » (8 min)
  • Film « The grey days; daily life under the Occupation » (11 min)

Collaboration / Persecution / Resistance / Repression

  • Objects from the air war
  • Reconstruction of the "Execution Wall" at the Citadel in Lille
  • Objects from the Resistance (post-transmitter, typewriter, elements of sabotage)
  • Film « Propaganda and collaboration » (8 min)
  • Film « The resistance in Nord-Pas-de-Calais » (11 min)

The Liberation

  • Citroën Traction from the Liberation.
  • Film « The Liberation of Northern France » (11 min) 
  • Film « A wounded region: the reconstruction » (7 min)

"Deportation and Genocide" exhibit

  • Film « The Nazi concentration camp system, deportation and genocide" (20 min)

Highlights of the circuit

A car used by the French Resistance, the reconstitution of a shop-front, a replica of the "execution wall" of the Citadel in Lille, a Messerschmitt propeller, an MG34 machine gun, a letter written by a 21-year-old teacher, Félicien Joly, three hours before being shot by the Germans ...

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