The Mimoyecques fortress

The Mimoyecques fortress, also known as "the canon of London", is one of the most impressive buildings invented by Hitler, situated a few kilometres from the Deux Caps site.

Mimoyecques fortress - simulation of the super gun

This base that is situated completely underground, in a place referred to as Mimoyecques, in Landrethun-le-Nord, was the planned location for the setup of the V3 cannon. Like all the weapons of retaliation (Vergelstungwaffen), the V3 was designed to bomb England and turn the tide of the Second World War.



On 6 July 1944, the site was hit by the Royal Air Force, particularly with giant Tallboy bombs, ending a major threat to London and the Allies.  Redeveloped under La Coupole’s supervision, the Mimoyecques site is open from 15 April to 15 October 2017, proposing a new tour for visitors.

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