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Option A : 3D Planetarium session + lunch + another tour
Option B : tour of History Centre + lunch + another tour
Option C : tour of History Centre + 3D Planetarium session + lunch + another tour

Arc International

After your visit to La Coupole, you can enjoy a menu in one of our partner restaurants, then discover an impressive industrial glassmaking site, illuminated by the glow of molten glass.

33,40 €
per person

Visit to Arc International


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Visit of Arc International


A real city within a city, the size of Arc International glassworks is impressive, along with its omnipresence in the Saint-Omer region. Entering the heart of the Arques factory, the visitor will discover an unsuspected world in the glow of molten glass, as he or she contemplates the coloured goblets, slim flutes or refined stemmed glasses.
Closed on Sundays and bank holidays
Minimum age: 8 years

Tariff option A : 33,40€
Tariff option B : 34,90€
Tariff option C : 41,40€

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