La Coupole : discover the secrets of flying bombs in Pas-de-Calais

Curious to discover how European people have resisted against two World Wars, interested to find out places in which major works of the Nazi state have been done, come and bring to light secrets related to weapon systems : flying bombs, V2 rockets and multiple charge guns.

Numerous audiovisual documentaries, photographs and objects will enable you to explore major themes that belong to all European people. Do not hesitate to relive through the period of 1939 to 1945 and discover the flying bomb, the V2 rocket and V3 as if you were there in that period.

With LA COUPOLE, enjoy your cultural trip in Pas-de-Calais and immerse yourself in the heart of discovery that had characterized the World Wars. Notice how such massive structures that initially have been built to store flying bombs remain intact up to now.

<i>La Coupole today</i>

Flying bomb : History and Science at La Coupole

Although the bunker was built with the intention to produce, store and launch flying bombs to destroy England, and London in particular, the Nazis were forced to abandon the site before their deadly plan could be executed in 1944, after many Allied onslaughts and the historic Normandy Landings.

Indeed an authentic setting for a World War II museum, La Coupole never fails to move its visitors, the dark underground galleries, the tunnels, one can easily evoke the life of the prisoners of war, forced to participate in the creation of the new flying bombs which the Nazis believed would seal their victory and domination…

Today, La Coupole museum helps us to remember and understand how the Wars of the 20th century came into being, how technology discovered with the hope of space travel at its heart soon served to invent missiles for mass destruction. Over one and a half million visitors have passed through the doors of La Coupole since its transformation and the museum continues its research and education programmes…the former Nazi bunker has become a place of remembrance and peace.

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