Battlefield museum: War at La Coupole

Discover more about La Coupole, the History and Remembrance Centre, in the Nord-Pas-de-Calais region of Northern France. The former Nazi, underground bunker built for the construction of the legendary V2 rocket is today open to visitors of all ages as a battlefield museum, scientific and cultural site and educational centre for schools.

La Coupole itself is an exceptional site to take you back into the Second World War, the structure has been restored to resemble that of the "dark years" between 1943-1944 where many forced labourers worked to create the V2 rocket. Indeed, the rocket was in its final stages before allied troops forced the Nazis to abandon the region.

The battlefield museum recreates the times and how the local people lived under the terror of troops, the hardships... Several circuits are available treating major themes of the War globally as well as the impact on life in the region.

La Coupole battlefield museum also holds permanent and temporary exhibitions relating to war though with the aim of serving peace both in Europe and around the world. Authentic, sincere in its aims, La Coupole is now a major tourist attraction in Northern France.

<i>La Coupole today</i>

Battlefield museum: a short break for history lovers

Book a weekend break organised by La Coupole whether you are curious to discover more about the region's history and traditions. The "Paths of Glory" and "Land of Discovery" weekend breaks offer a rich blend of accommodation and visits, wining and dining. Both packages include entries to the museum, feel free to view details online.

If you would any further information about our battlefield museum, please contact us.

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