Discover the new 3D Planetarium

From the V2 rocket to conquering space !

It was from La Coupole that the V2 rocket, the ancestor of all modern rockets, was destined to take off. Today, on the launching site, the simply spectacular Planetarium offers you an unforgettable journey into space. Take place inside the massive 360-degree room wearing your active 3D glasses and travel through the universe. Follow Yuri Gagarin during his first space flight, step onto Mars with the Curiosity rover and discover all sorts of other celestial happenings. Come and discover the Planetarium on its own, or combine your session with a visit to the museum.

Depending on the sessions, the films are shown in 3D by six video projectors, associated with an astronomical simulator generating 360° high resolution images. With a 360° hemispherical screen of 15 metres in diameter, a 15° angled floor and a 5.1 surround sound system, the Planetarium offers its viewers a total immersion into Space and Science.

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Linked to the recent heavy rains, we are forced to close the 3D Planetarium of La Coupole for an indefinite period. Thank you for your understanding!