What is La Coupole ?

A major site for tourism

This is one of the main museum facilities in Nord–Pas-de-Calais.
Presented in full in four languages (English, French, Dutch, German), the discovery visit, accessible to any curious mind, is likely to interest all generations.

An exceptional site

This is one of the great remnants of the Second World War in Europe, a battlefield museum. The History and Memory Centre recalls events belonging to the common heritage of all Europeans, who now live on a continent at peace.

A place of historical and scientific culture

This is a place of historical and scientific culture which analyses the relationship between Science and the War, between the War and the Image, leading us to a greater appreciation of peace.   Alongside its permanent exhibition, La Coupole offers a special exhibition each year, in line with its open cultural projects.

A place of education

This is a place of education, whose programme has been designed to meet the demands of teachers and their students. La Coupole has a major educational department which strives to facilitate the preparation and fruitfulness of school visits.

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