V3: The Mimoyecques underground facilities

The "Mimoyecques Fortress" is one of the most impressive buildings designed by Hitler (120,000 m3 of poured concrete). This secret base, located a few kilometres from Cape Gris-Nez, in Landrethun-le-Nord, at a place called "Mimoyecques" was to be used for the installation of the V3 underground supergun.

Mimoyecques - shell output plates - computer generated image

Like all the V weapons (Vergelstungwaffen: weapons of retaliation), the V3 was planned to bomb England, and more specifically London. The site was struck by the Royal Air Force on 6 July, 1944, with giant Tallboy bombs, which put an end to a serious threat to Londoners.


In 2010, La Coupole oversaw heritage development work on this former base acquired by the Conservatoire des Sites Naturels du Nord et du Pas-de-Calais.

Prototype of a Hillersleben multiple charge gun, end of 1943
Imprimer V3: The Mimoyecques underground facilities

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